Midsumma Festival 2019

QueersInScience participated in our first ever Midsumma in January 2019 by having a science stall at Carnival. We showcased some very colourful science including the making of liquid rainbows, the extraction of DNA from strawberries, the bubbling of rainbow beakers that were filled with coloured water and dry ice and of course the dying of chrysanthemum with rainbow coloured dye. It was great to see how popular our stall was with adults and children alike getting their hands right into the science.  

We were so proud to see both WEHI and The Florey march behind the QueersInScience banner during our Pride March in February. Despite the sweltering weather, we had over 50 participants including the Director Doug Hilton and Deputy Director Samantha Ludolf of WEHI. If you missed out, don’t worry, we have put together a video of both the 2019 Carnival and Pride March:




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