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31 Aug


2022 Eureka Prize Award Ceremony

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18 Nov

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LGBTQIA+ STEMM Day Symposium 2021

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30 Jul


Lockdown Trivia

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State Representatives

Dr Teneale Stewart

Pronouns: she/her

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Mater Research-The University of Queensland

My research investigates the development and function of the breast and the perturbations that can give rise to cancer. I can’t imagine a world of science without fluorescent proteins!

Dr Ayesha Tulloch

Pronouns: she/her

Research Fellow at The University of Sydney

I’m a conservation decision scientist and my research focuses on using good ecological knowledge to inform decision-making for recovering biodiversity. My goal is to empower people to live more sustainably with nature and with each other, by making good science accessible to the people that shape our environment.

Professor Ben Burton

Pronouns: he/him

Professor at The University of Queensland

I teach supercomputers how to untangle knots. I also work with outreach programmes like the international Olympiad in Informatics.

Sarah Haskmann

Electrical Engineer (Renewable Energy) & Project Office

Trying to save the planet by engineering and building utility-scale renewable energy generators and energy storage, to transition Australia’s electricity mix to a low carbon future. So far I have built and/or managed 220 MW or nearly 700,000 solar panels, plus several energy storage, demand response, and electric vehicle projects.

Dr Tara Roberson

Pronouns: she/her

Research fellow at University of Queensland

I’m a science communication and responsible innovation researcher. My work investigates how we might responsibly develop quantum technologies. I also look at how we can queer science communication research and practice.